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This training will help decrease discipline challenges, raise test scores, and improve classroom rapport. Learn how to capture student attention, promote deeper learning, meet students where they are, and lead students where they need to be.


If students were on task 5, 10 or even 20 hours more per week how much would student achievement would increase?

Educators are losing valuable instruction time to pesky low-level discipline challenges. The reality is that discipline and academics go hand in hand. An educator can be a master content instructor, but without the ability to manage a classroom, the best lessons will remain ineffective. 
If student discipline challenges decreased 70% or more, what could be accomplished?

In order to increase student achievement, there must be a discipline system in place that empowers your teachers to improve student classroom behaviors behaviors. This world-class training on classroom management can help you  achieve these goals.
Are teacher job satisfaction and reducing stress important for your school success?

Through researched based and proven strategies, this training will help your staff gain back that lost teaching time and minimize or eliminate 80% – 90% of chronic, low-level behaviors.
Is your school concerned with teacher turnover?

Classroom management, or rather lack of classroom management, is the number one reason why teachers are leaving the profession. Classroom management was also rated as the most important contributor to creating and sustaining high achieving classrooms. These practical and hands-on strategies and techniques provide teachers with the tools and support they need for success.
Supports, PLC's, RTI, PBIS and other fine programs.
 Amazing! This was one of the most valuable presentations I have seen!

Elementary Teacher

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