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Create a Family Social Media Contract

Social media can be a dangerous place for young people. There are predators and cyberbullies masquerading as their friends, and most often young people do not know how to protect themselves.

However, protecting our youth extends beyond simply teaching them how to set their privacy settings. That’s where a family social media contract comes in.

A family social media contract is an agreement created on a foundation of trust within the family.

It is intended to create an open environment where everyone in the family can discuss what happens on social media in a non-judgmental and non-controlling way. It is aimed at encouraging parents to talk with their kids and teenagers to talk with their parents.

A family social media contract might include things like:

  • What all of you (this includes parents, not just children) can and cannot post on social channels

  • Shared account access (so that passwords are public within the family) Processes of maximizing privacy on all social channels

  • Commitment to share with each other any inappropriate activity that takes place (like sexual misconduct or cyber-bullying)

  • Rules and guidelines for engagement that address everyone’ needs so the entire family is in agreement and understands

It is important for parents to let your kids know that you trust them and simply want to be there when they need you to help keep them safe.

It is important for teenagers to let your parents know that you value your privacy and independence on social networks.

This can be a great way to keep young people safe while building trust and increasing communication within your family.


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