Understanding the Power of Story

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and yet overlooked ways to engage your audience in a meaningful way, both online and in offline traditional marketing.

As part of your content marketing strategy, it is a tool that will set you apart because here's the truth:

No other entrepreneur has your story.

What makes storytelling so powerful?

  • Stories establish connections.

  • They create human experiences.

  • They paint pictures and build emotional connections between people across the globe - or right in front of you.

Stories are many things that your tribe craves from you. Stories are:

  • Engaging

  • Memorable

  • Relatable

  • Personal

Stories preserve who we are.

There's no other tool or technique that can capture the core essence of an entrepreneur so completely as storytelling because like nothing else it sets you completely apart and shares the uniqueness that makes you you.

However, most entrepreneurs do not tell their own story. They get so caught up in creating and delivering their products and services, providing customer service and promoting what they have to offer, that they often forget to communicate with their tribe in a way that truly resonates and builds relationships. 

Ask the most well-known marketers in today's day and age, and they're all saying the same thing:

“Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill when it comes to business.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

“People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers.” - Arianna Huffington

“I simply see life as one great story after another, and that’s just the way I’ve always communicated. People remember stories. It allows them to create pictures, which is a big deal. Plus it helps them know me, trust me, like me, and support me in some way — maybe directly as a customer or indirectly as an advocate.” - Marcus Sheridan

Source: Ian Rhodes

Your story is a combination of many things.

  • Who you are: the people at the heart of your organization

  • Why you do what you do

  • How you came to be

  • Who you serve

  • The deeper purpose that drives you

My company's story, for example, began in the swamps of Louisiana as I pursued a "Bigfoot" for my MA thesis. No one else has our story. I mean Bigfoot and Marketing? Come on. How cool is that?!!

No one else has your story either. So now's the time to start telling it.