To Share or Not to Share Dislikes on Social Media

If you don’t like something, should you say it or not?

Should you announce it to the world on social media or keep it to yourself? Can it really do good on social media by sharing content about something you’ve come to recognize as bad?

Here’s the thing….

If you have a chance to stand up against something you think is wrong, and your voice has the opportunity to make a difference, speak up. You’re being true to yourself and staying committed to what you believe in.

Even smaller such issues can impact people’s lives for the better, like discovering something about a type of food that’s harmful. You’ve done your fact-checking, and you know that everyone should have this information in hand to make the right choices. By all means, share away.

However, do so in a way that is constructive and positive rather than belittling, accusatory or negative.

There are also some dislikes that almost never have a place on social media. For example, if you don’t like a certain person right now – your partner, your boss, your former BFF – vocalizing that dislike on social won’t result in any positive impact. It could come back to bite you (HARD) later, and you’ll often live to regret it.

Action: If you need to share a dislike on social media, make sure you have checked your facts first and then share your information in a constructive and positive way to help others.

Adapted from a chapter of 101 Ways to Use Social Media to Do Good by Frances Leary.