Social Media as a Force for Good

The commitment we make as soulcial entrepreneurs goes beyond that of business growth and extends to benefiting the people and the planet. We take this commitment seriously, and if you're here reading this post that means you do, too.

With soulcial entrepreneurship comes responsibility - a responsibility to use your business as a force for good. That commitment also extends to your online marketing and communication. Unfortunately, so many entrepreneurs do not fully understand the impact of their social media communication and the opportunity they have to do great things with it.

Social media reaches beyond borders, beyond belief systems, beyond cultural walls. It brings people together from so many ways of life and literally is like a glue that somehow binds all of us - the entire human race - together. 

Social media is a force of the people, for the people. As such it is of the planet and for the planet, too.

It is our responsibility to ensure we do our part to achieve an impact with our social media communication that will truly serve as a force for good - for the planet and its people.

The ways in which you can do this are simple. It isn't about grandiose ideas. It's about thinking through every post before you post it and considering the fact that all of your words generate impact. It's up to you to determine what kind of impact you want you words to have.

Some things to consider as you use social media for positive impact:

  • Every post generates an outcome, so choose your words wisely.

  • Be authentic in your communication so people can see who you are at the core. It's who and what you are at the core that makes the difference.

  • Social media is power. Know that. Understand that. Then proactively decide how you will use that power for good.

  • Engage with fellow soulcial entrepreneurs on social media. Working together will result in more positive change.

  • Look for the changemakers and share their stories.

  • Consider how your words will make a positive difference for future generations.

  • Remember that it only takes one negative post to make your social media audience forget all the good you stand for.

  • Everyone in your organization needs to support your initiatives to use social media for good. A social media usage policy can help.

  • Generating real impact happens without thought. However - in order to shape the impact you generate, you must do a lot of thinking in advance.

  • The best way to affect positive change through your social media communication is to become the change you seek and portray that online as well as everywhere else.

So - in a nutshell - your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to change the social media post at a time.