Reaching Our Potential

Growing a business is not a solitary process.

In order to reach our goals we need to seek wisdom and inspiration and allow ourselves to be fueled by peers and mentors who are in alignment with who we are.

That’s just what I did last week. I spent four days in Phoenix, Arizona at the Pure Potentials Speaker Retreat. It was led by Jacki McLenaghan and featured a host of business leaders such as Suzanne EvansJimbo MarshallJay FisetShawn Shewchuk, and more. It was an event with 200 soulful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs...kindred spirits all around.

I was inspired by the wisdom shared at the event, and rather than attempting to summarize what I learned, I'll let the words speak for themselves.

Here are some of my favorite nuggets of wisdom from the event:

“Be who you are. It matters.” – Jacki McLenaghan, Pure Potentials “Bring all of you because that’s what the world needs.” – Kate Mikado, Funnel Magazine “Real and lasting change. That shit’s sexy.” – Jay Fiset, Mastermind to Millions “You cannot be a success and be a secret.” – Suzanne Evans, Hell Yeah Studios “Just by being yourself, you can change someone’s life.” – Kate Mikado “You do the world a disservice when you have a message to share and you don’t share it.” – Shawn Shewchuk, Change Your Results “If every human being danced every day, we would have world peace.” – Christina Marlett, Courageous Self-Care “We are an ongoing story.” – Jacki McLenaghan “If you don’t do something, you’ll do nothing.” – Suzanne Evans “Life is a magic adventure that is meant to be enjoyed.” – Olivia DeMoss, Living the Life I Love “People can feel your words.” –Sherry Anshara, Quantumpathic

That last one really resonates with me. People FEEL your words. That applies to spoken as well as written word, and it’s so very important. We truly have the power to make the world a better place … one word a time.

Which words will you use? Whatever they are, choose good ones.