Making More Time with 15 Minutes

How is your day going today?

No, I mean really…

Are you feeling like there’s so much to do? Between running a business and running a family, you’re just overwhelmed and don’t know where to get some time?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

15 minutes

That’s the secret.

Take 15 minutes that are entirely for yourself – without your computer, your kids, your phone or anything else that is distracting you from being with you.

I know what you’re thinking because I thought it when my coach Amy McNaughton told me to take 15 minutes: “What, are you crazy? I don’t have time to take 15 minutes for myself!”

Well, here’s what I’ve discovered. I actually don’t have time NOT to take 15 minutes for myself. Because when I take those 15 minutes, I can focus on myself and unwind, and the strangest thing then happens…

I actually seem to have MORE time for everything else.

I know, it’s weird. I can honesty attest to the fact, however, that it’s entirely true.

Over time those 15 minutes have turned into more time during which I completely focus on myself, sometimes hours in a day. I now have more time with my family, more time to grow my business, more time with friends, and more time that’s just for me.

It’s as if taking time for yourself creates more time.

I don’t know how the magic happens, only that it does. Give it a try. Set aside 15 minutes today that’s just for you, and force yourself to take those minutes for yourself. Keep doing this every day, and I can promise you that you’ll be amazed with how much time you have for everything in your life.