Listen Up, Life Has Something to Say

The road to entrepreneurship begins with...summer school?

Well, mine did. And likely not how you think. It was when I was 14.

Every entrepreneur discovers quickly on the business journey that there’s no end to what you can know and learn. 

Well, this has been a great advantage of entrepreneurship to me since I’d describe myself as a perpetual student. I’m one of those who some would call crazy for absolutely loving school. Yes, even middle school (which, now reliving it through my sixth-graders eyes, I’m not sure is as lovable as I remember). Now don’t get me wrong, I had my share of bad teachers, drama and heartbreak. However, it was the learning that I loved.

Shhh…don’t tell anyone…I even went to summer school two years running so that I could take more classes in high school. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to soak up all the different knowledge I wanted to learn.

While some would call that crazy, I like to think of it as passionate. I was passionate at a young age about learning, and that passion has carried me through several degrees and multiple careers into entrepreneurship, where I am able to challenge myself and seek more knowledge every day.

Does every entrepreneur have a history of voluntarily attending summer school? Not likely!

However, I would venture to say that every entrepreneur is driven by a passion for fulfilling their deeper purpose, and that drives them to seek out as much knowledge as possible to propel them forward.

There’s knowledge to be discovered and learning to be experienced in everything we do. Sometimes it’s more obvious than others. Sometimes life gives us that teacher who smacks the ruler on our desk and says, “Listen up, this is important.” More often than not, however, life’s teachers show up in the books we read, the friends we surround ourselves with, the opportunities that present themselves.

Being a student of life is like earning a perpetual PhD.

Some of my most transformative moments of learning recently have come while I was on a bike ride, in my car and reading a book (not all at one time). It can happen everywhere, if we only allow ourselves to acknowledge it for what it is and grow from what we learn.

As silly as it may seem, if you start listening to life as your teacher, you’ll begin to learn more and more … and that paves that way to entrepreneurial success.

What will you learn today?