Growing in Gratitude

After the coming and going of American Thanksgiving, I find myself basking in gratitude. This has been a regular state of mind for me lately, and I must say just how happy I am because of it.

Yes, I’m one of those happy people.

Literally yesterday I seemed to have a song for just about everything. My daughter would say something to me, and I’d start singing a song. “Just My Imagination” by the Temptations, in fact, is still playing in my head, as I’m writing this.

It’s perfectly fitting that it’s THAT song I’m still hearing in my head because the gratitude I’m feeling does lead to imagination…. imagination about the beautiful things around me and what I want to create for myself going forward. And, of course, that leads to thinking and dreaming and more imagining. Then, as my actions follow suit my imagination is no longer that…it’s my reality.

That’s the power of gratitude. It nurtures us and helps us grow.

Living in gratitude is a consistent choice. There are times we will fall off track, certainly. We’ll stub a toe or experience some other pain or heartache, and our gratitude train will get derailed. And it is up to us to get it back on track.

Here are three steps that can help.

1. Begin right where you are.

Growing with gratitude isn’t about the future. It’s about being grateful for the good things that exist right now, at the present moment. Sometimes they are hard to see, however every moment holds some goodness.

When you’re feeling rotten or like everything is going wrong, give yourself a few minutes to think about something that makes you happy. See it. Hear it. Feel its joy. Allow the gratitude for that one thing to fill you.

If you go through this process, you’ll experience an immediate shift. Also, by finding ways to be grateful for things in your life right now, you’ll pave the way for imagining many more things in life to be grateful for.

2. Start your day with gratitude.

What do so many of us do right when we wake up? Yes, we pick up our phones. We start scrolling through social media feeds or reading the news. Our mindset has thus been influenced for the day with online drama and fake news.

Instead, begin with gratitude. Do this before you pick up your phone or turn on your computer. This can be as simple as thinking of the things you’re grateful for and saying “thank you” out loud. It can also be writing in a journal or doing some other similar activity. There’s no right way to be grateful. Just do it. You’ll feel happy and ready for your day.

Who knows…maybe you’ll even find yourself singing.

3. Feel gratitude for what you want to create in your life.

One of the most powerful ways to help us feel as if we have already achieved our dreams is to be grateful for them. This gratitude puts us in a position to imagine what it’s like and feel the joy and success of whatever that dream brings us.

Being grateful for what you want to create in your life will help you create it that much faster.

The celebration of Thanksgiving is a reminder to hold gratitude in our hearts every day. Thank you for being part of my life and for your support of me and my growth as an entrepreneur over the years.

May today, tomorrow and every day be a day of gratitude.