Greatest Quality of Leadership

The title may imply that there is one overarching great quality of being a successful leader. In fact there are many qualities that enable one to garner respect as a leader:

  • honesty

  • integrity

  • wisdom

  • passion

  • empathy

That's just a starting place. However, to me there is one quality of being a leader that is often overlooked and has the potential to drive success like no other. 

For me the most important quality of being a good leader is staying connecting to myself. When I’m completely myself, completely real, completely honest and authentic to the core, that’s when my words and actions truly resonate with others in a positive way…and of course that’s because they’re resonating within me.

Being a leader isn’t something you do when you step on stage. It’s something you are because your life, who you are and how you act in your everyday moments, inspires others and affects change.

If knowing oneself and staying connected to oneself are key elements of successful leadership, then my best advice to those who want to hone their leadership skills is this:

Be yourself.

You have within you everything you need to be a great leader and inspire greatness in others. You simply need to tap into it, cultivate it and let it shine. Be bold, be brave, be courageous, and know that you have the answer people need.

Be your greatest, truest self and you will be an inspiring leaders for others.