Going Beyond a Window on International Women's Day

After a week away from home and my family, today, which is International Women's Day, has been a day of reflection.

I woke up and got to kiss and hug my daughter before she went to school, a gift I don't ever want to take for granted.

Last night before she went to bed, she texted me these inspiring thoughts (emojis and all):

As my daughter navigates the murky waters of middle school, she is a beacon of light in the world. She is blessed to be growing up in a world where anything is possible, and she is creating that world for herself.

Each day I wake up hoping that I am a similar beacon of light for her and for all those around me.

I am grateful for the many women who have helped pave the way so that we can live in a world of infinite possibilities. I am also aware that we still have work to do. There are many of us who look out our windows and see a world that is out of our reach.

Many years ago I wrote a song about that very thing. I was traveling in Europe and saw a young girl looking out a train window, wanting the more that was beyond the window. I saw myself in that little girl, and ever since then I haven't been willing to settle for less than more.

I thought it a fitting song to share today, so I uploaded it to SoundCloud so I could share it with you. Click below to listen.

My hope for each of you is that you can look beyond the windows in your life and see a world of limitless possibility, a world in which your dreams can become reality.

Together we can break through glass ceilings and go beyond windows to find the more we want to create for ourselves.

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