Finding Your Zing-Zing-Zing

Life as an entrepreneur isn’t segmented into parts that you can compartmentalize. It’s one life – an interwoven tapestry of all the aspects that make us who we are.

It’s personal choices, emotional experiences, business growth, spiritual awakening, and so much more. In order to succeed in business, we must allow ourselves to feed the other aspects of our lives, as well.

This is something I neglected for a very many years after I began my entrepreneurial journey. I spent time with family and friends, I had adventures, and I played. However, I hadn’t found that personal zing-zing-zing for my heart-strings – that thing that was just for me and in which I could lose myself to the point that I found myself over and over again.

If you’ve found your zing, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I, however, didn’t even know it was missing.

Then I moved across the continent and didn’t know a soul, and everything changed. After my first cross-continent move 7 years before, I went into an isolated, lonely, deep, dark hole and stayed there for a few years. This time, I wasn’t going to let that happen. I decided to do whatever I needed to do in order to make friends.

I made the commitment to do what I needed for myself, and then it happened: the zing-zing-zing.

For me the zing came when I got on stage to be in a musical theatre production for the first time in too many years to mention.

I felt the zing.

It’s different for the other zzz’s I feel in my life … like the zippidy doo da I feel when I’m living my passion in my work, or the za-za-zoo (cue raised eyebrows) I feel for my husband or the love-filled zap that hits me each time I get a squeeze from my girl.

The zing-zing-zing is different because it’s all for me….and I can even hear myself singing it “Meet Me in St. Louis” style.

What’s your zing-zing-zing?

Will you find it if you pick up your knitting needles or hard-bound books or pastels or soccer ball?

Once you commit to doing what you need to do for yourself, you’ll feel it tugging on your heart-strings…that zing-zing-zing.

And amazingly enough, that zing will help your business zoom. That’s just how connected life is.