Discover the Meaning Behind Your Message

Recently I was interviewed by Shadeed Eleazer as part of his Conversational Currency series. In this interview, I actually did something I have NEVER done before on public video...

I shared my 3-step approach to developing a social media strategy.

There are 3 simple things that make it easy for entrepreneurs to develop a social media strategy that will set them apart, serve their tribe and grow business. It really is as simple as 1-2-3, and this video reveals how.

If you want to watch that part specifically, go to 12:45 on the video.

However, there is A LOT of value in the entire video. I share things like:

  • Why authenticity is valuable in your social media messaging

  • How to infuse your core values into your messaging and campaigns

  • Why social campaigns succeed and fail

I even share my views on personal vs. private social media accounts.

Here are a few of the highlights of takeaways from this interview:

  • If you're not engaging on social media effectively, you're leaving a lot of money on the table.

  • Social media is a way for entrepreneurs to help transform lives.

  • Consciously showing up as who we are keeps us our message consistent.

  • Privacy settings can be a life-saver.

  • Social media is potentially the most powerful tool, which enables us to shift conscious awareness and impact those we serve.

 I'd love it if you would share with me your biggest takeaway from the interview.

Thank you to Shadeed for giving me the opportunity to speak so candidly about the ways in which social media can empower us to grow.