Dear Business, Thank You

Earlier this month I was prompted to write a love letter to my business, and it was one of the most powerful exercises I have gone through as part of my entrepreneurial journey.

Dear Business,

Thank you. You have given me freedom. You've helped me find my voice. You've enabled me to create a life of joy, abundance and happiness. You've given me a way to help other people find their freedom, too. You've helped me create such magic in my life.

What fun we've had together. We get to make the world a better place and to inspire others to do the same.

You have given me the life I've always wanted and allowed me to become my best self. You've forced me back to become a priority in my life - to love myself and to teach my daughter to do the same.

You have my gratitude, my heart, my soul. Thank you. I look forward to our continued journey together.

Love, Frances

I cannot take any credit for this idea. It belongs to Suzanne Evans, who introduced the activity at her live event in Orlando. However, I think it is too powerful not to share, and I'm sure if you were at DRIVEN, you agree.

She began by having us watch the short movie "Dear Basketball" created by Kobe Bryant. If you haven't watched it, I'd strongly encourage it. And if you have, watch it again.

Watch "Dear Basketball" here.

Then she had us write two letters to our business. The first was from our childhood selves. Mine is above. 

What I realized when I wrote this was that while I may not have predicted exactly where I'd be today or what I'd be doing, the journey that I'm on now is fulfilling all the dreams of that 6-year-old me.

It was an empowering realization, and it created this feeling of total alignment and knowing that I'm exactly where I want to be doing exactly what I want to be doing.

After watching "Dear Basketball" again, we were then asked to write another letter to our business, this time from our 90-year-old selves (or that time when we were ready to retire and say, in some way, goodbye). Here's mine:

Dear Business,

What a life you've given me. Thank you. What began as me grasping for anything I could do to make money when I couldn't work in Canada has evolved into the adventure of a lifetime.

The opportunities you've given me have changed me and allowed me to become the best me I could ever be.

You've given me and my family a lifetime of adventures - from holidays and volunteer trips to talk shows and best sellers, and so many dreams fulfilled. You've enabled me to give my family all that they've wanted in life, too.

We owe you our dreams come true. Thank you for all the many gifts you have given us. Life and lives are beautiful because of you. Thank you.

Love, Frances

After writing that letter and looking back on both of them with tears streaming down my face, I realized in a deeper way than ever before the magnitude of what I'm creating.

My business is a HUGE gift - to me, to my family, to my friends, and to all those whose lives I'm able to touch through the work that I do.

Your business is a gift, too, and perhaps you have not yet realized the great gift that it is in your life.

I encourage you to make the time to write a love letter to your business and to allow yourself to see the great gift that it is now and the gift it will be as it continues to serve you. Here....I'll start it for you:

Dear Business, Thank You!