Communicating Your Genius through Social Media

Originally published in Funnel Magazine.

You are a genius at what you do, and the essence of your genius makes you unique.

The products or services you provide transform the lives of those you serve. That transformational process you enable your tribe to experience is unique to the work that you do. Others may offer similar services or products, but the transformation is different because your genius lies at its creative core.

Before someone begins to purchase your products or services from you, at what point does that person become aware of your genius? Do they see it on your website? On your social channels? Or is it not until they communicate with you one-on-one that they can truly begin to understand the depth of transformation you can help them experience?

If that’s the case, then there’s a disconnect between how you’re showing up face to face and how you’re showing up online. You’re not consistently sharing your genius.

 To be clear, sharing your genius isn’t actually about you. It isn’t about showing how great you are or posting all of your accolades. It’s not about promoting the brilliant products or services that you offer. It’s not about showcasing statistics that reveal how much your work benefits others. There is a place for all of those things in your social media communication. However, sharing your genius is actually about serving your tribe. That’s how you use your genius in your work. It’s time to start using your genius that way on your social channels, too.

Sharing your genius online is powerful. It’s the practice of using social media channels as an extension of the transformation you provide. By communicating this way, you can help transform so many more lives than you could ever in a million years reach face to face.

There are many ways to go about sharing your genius via your social channels. It begins with simply asking yourself what you have to offer that can serve your tribe in some small way right now. The answers to this are born of your genius. Here are some types of content that you might create to accomplish this:


The knowledge you have and the way you use it to impact the lives of those you serve is unique to you. Creating a series of tips that you post on social networks one at a time is one way you can share your genius in small, tangible bits. It provides your audience with consistent and helpful information they can begin to apply in their own lives right away to help them solve a problem. You can also consider putting these tips onto visual images or in videos so they reach your tribe in different ways.


While short tips are great, your audience craves what you are offering. They want to hear more from you. Writing blog articles allows you to expand on one small concept and go into more detail so you can impact lives more deeply. Your words are magic to the transformational process. Don’t be afraid to write them down, and then share them on your social channels.


Videos generate some of the most meaningful engagement with social media audiences. Give your tribe what they want: you. Just show up, be yourself, and share some small piece of information or inspiration that reveals your inner genius and provides your tribe with meaningful help right now.


Whether you take photos (like of yourself in action doing what you do or at an event or with your trusted mentors) or create images out of your tips, quotes or inspirational sayings, images will engage your tribe and connect with them on a deeper level than with text alone. Ideally, consider sharing both photos and brand-aligned visuals. Each type of image will connect with your audience in different ways.


Words are powerful. You can share your genius by writing words from your own wisdom or by using quotes from others whose words are in alignment with the transformation you provide. Putting these words onto images or making them into videos can also reach your audience on different levels.

Sharing your genius successfully requires you showing up consistently and being yourself…while also giving your audience a variety of ways to connect with you (text, image, video) in a meaningful way.

If you’re worried about giving too much away via your social channels, don’t. The more you give of yourself to your tribe in service, the more of your unique genius that you share, the more you will attract the right tribe to you who will want to invest in what you have to offer.

So, show up on your social media channels. Be yourself. Serve your tribe. Let your genius shine online.