A Trick for Managing Your Social Media Time

Here’s a little trick I learned early on in my days of using social media for business growth…

Set a Timer!

I’m serious. It sounds silly, but it really can be a huge help.

Haven’t you ever opened up Facebook or Instagram to post something for your business and then realize that you just wasted the past 20 minutes (or much longer) scrolling through your friends’ feeds?

Social media is a time warp. It’s like a black hole that sucks us in.

The best way that I’ve found to avoid getting sucked in is to set a timer. Setting a timer will allow you to hop onto your social channels, do what you need to do, and then hop off – without getting involved in personal engagement.

You still have to be disciplined during that time to keep your attention focused on business. However, if you do happen to get distracted by your personal feeds, the timer will be your reminder that it’s time to step away from social media for now.

Set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes, depending on how many channels you need to attend to.

Here’s what you want to accomplish in that time:

  • Check your notifications and make sure everything is responded to

  • Proactively engage by liking, commenting on, or sharing some content posted by those you follow

  • If you are still growing your numbers, like or follow a few new pages/profiles

That’s really all there is to it, assuming you have planned your content in advance. If you haven’t planned your content in advance, then you’ll need to post something on your channels, too.

Your smartphone is all setup with a timer ready and waiting to help you avoid getting into the social media black hole, so put it to use.