12 Holiday Gifts to Give Yourself

The holidays are upon us, and hopefully you are preparing for some quality time with family and friends...and with yourself.

For entrepreneurs, however, this can be challenging. We often feel like we have to be the ones doing everything in our businesses, and we don't stop to be present in the now.

This used to be me. In my first few years of entrepreneurship, when I traveled to visit family over the holidays, I was always working, although I didn't recognize it myself until a few years later. My mother-in-law said to me how nice it was that I didn't have to be on my computer all the time, and it dawned on me that for the past few years I hadn't really been present over the holidays because I was still mentally at work (and physically tied to my computer).

It has been several years now since this exchange occurred, and I'm so grateful now that I have learned to take time with my family and friends as well as time entirely for myself over the holidays...and the whole year through. 

Since it can be so easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I've put together a few reminders for all of us...

12 ways to give gifts to yourself during the holiday season:

  1. Go for a walk or drive to enjoy the Christmas lights.

  2. Put on your favorite Christmas music, and dance like no one is watching.

  3. Spend a day that's entirely free of technology. (This is a tough one sometimes, however it is soooooo worth it!)

  4. Take some time to feel and celebrate the magic that surrounds you wherever you are.

  5. If you have some jingle bells near you, grab them and start ringing. If you don't have jingle bells, just dance and shake as if you do.

  6. Dedicate some time that is entirely for you, and do something special for yourself.

  7. Give yourself a BIG hug, and hold it until you feel just how much you are loved.

  8. Head outdoors to enjoy some winter wonderland fun (and if it's green where you are, enjoy the magic of that too).

  9. Spend time visualizing your biggest dreams as if they have already come true.

  10. Make time to do that thing you love that you keep putting off because you "don't have time." Just do it!

  11. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself and say, "I love you." Keep saying it until you can feel the impact of those words.

  12. DREAM BIG! Know that anything you can dream you can do. Take some time to write down your dreams so that you can make 2018 the year they come true.

My Christmas wish for you is that you take the time you need for yourself this holiday season to get refreshed and uplifted for a fabulous year ahead.

Whatever you celebrate, may the magic of this season stay with you throughout the entire year to come. And remember...you have everything you need within you right now to make all your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas!