What if you could make a bigger impact with the work you do?

What if you could help transform more lives in less time all while benefiting your
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You can.


I'm Frances Leary

I'm a Texan-Canadian-Coloradoan entrepreneur. Whew, that's a mouthful.

Founder of the award-winning online communications firm, Wired Flare, I developed a unique marketing methodology, called soulcial communication, stemming from my MA in folklore. 

After 7 years of growing a million-dollar business, I learned a thing or two (and won some awards in the process).

Most especially, I learned that in order to grow exponentially, you have to learn to LEVERAGE your skills.

That's what I teach entrepreneurs now.

I also speak internationally to inspire and educate audiences on subjects related to entrepreneurship, marketing, online strategy and the power of authentic communication.

My passion is to inspire authentic, real, soulful entrepreneurship that generates positive impact in the world.

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In my free time you'll find me with my husband and daughter, enjoying the great outdoors or playing some tunes around the campfire. If not, you may catch me on a local stage indulging my love of musical theater.

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I'm also a video star...or at least I think I am.


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